Social Media Presence Module Configuration Part 1

Social Media Presence Configuration: Module Settings - Part 1


Module Parameters

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Module Class Suffix: Use this field to append a suffix to your module class if you plan to use custom CSS.

CSS Style: Use this area to apply any custom CSS styling to the button group.

Choose Icon Size: Use this setting to determine the size in pixels that you would like your icons to be displayed.

Space Between Icons: Use this setting to decide how many pixels spacing you would like to appear between the display of the icons.

Hover Text: Place the text that you would like to appear upon mouse over in this field. The name of the service will automatically be appended to the end if this phrase.

RSS Feed: Place the text that you would like to appear upon mouse over for your RSS feed.

Target (New Window/Same Window): Choose whether you would like the service to appear in a new window or within the same window when clicked.

Include the rel='no follow' link attribute (No/Yes): Choose whether you would like the link to the service to include the 'no follow' attribute or not.

Choose Icon Size: Enter a value for the size of the icons in pixels (usually between 16 and 48).

Align Icons (Left/Center/Right): This field determines the behavior of the buttons ie. whether the buttons float left, are centered or float right.

Alignment (Horizontal/Vertical): This field determines the layout of the buttons. Either vertical tower or horizontal row.


Special Effect Settings

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Special Effect (None/Dog Ear/Enlarge/Shrink/Shift Up/Shift Down/Shift Left/Shift Right/Highlight/Rotate/Bullseye/Custom):

  • None: No Effect
  • Dog Ear: Dog Ear Upper Right Corner (Only works on white background)
  • Enlarge: Icons Appear to Enlarge Upon Mouse Over
  • Shrink: Icons Appear to Shrink Upon Mouse Over
  • Shift Up: Icons Shift Upward Upon Mouse Over
  • Shift Down: Icons Shift Down Upon Mouse Over
  • Shift Left: Icons Shift Left Upon Mouse Over
  • Shift Right: Icons Shift Right Upon Mouse Over
  • Highlight: Border Color Changes Upon Mouse Over
  • Rotate: Icons Rotate Either Clockwise or Counter-Clockwise Upon Mouse Over
  • Bullseye: Red Target Appears Over Icon Upon Mouse Over
  • Custom: Choose Your Own Set of Images to be Displayed Upon Mouse Over


Opacity Level (100/90/80/70/60/50/40/30/20/10): This sets the buttons opacity level. 100% is solid the smaller the opacity the more transparent the icons appear.

Background Color of Content Area: Use this setting for shrink and shift effects to render correctly, match this color to the color of the area upon which the icons will appear.

Color to Highlight Your Icons: Use this setting to choose the color that you would like the border to glow upon mouse over.

Degrees to Rotate Your Icons: Use this setting to choose how many degrees to rotate the icons (either clockwise or counter) upon mouse over.


Floating Button Parameters

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Enable Icons on Side: Enabling this feature allows the display of the buttons along the side of the screen.

Margin from Top or Bottom: This is the amount of space in pixels that will precede the display of the buttons. This distance will be either spaced away from the top of the page if you choose 'Top Placement' or spaced up from the bottom of the page if you choose 'Bottom Placement'.

Margin L/R or Center: This is the amount of space in pixels the buttons will be spaced away from either the center of the page if you choose 'Center Starting Position' or the side of the page if you choose 'Side Starting Position'.

Orientation of Icons (Right/Left): This determines on which side of the screen the icons are to be displayed, either the left or the right.

Style Fixed or Floating (Fixed/Floating): Fixed means your buttons are fixed to a specific location on the screen and will not move even if the page scrolls. Floating means that the icons will move along with the web-page if it scrolls up or down.

Starting Position of Icons (Center of Screen/Side of Screen): Choosing 'Center of Screen' will allow you to place your icons along the side of your content area and because the icons are set to an explicit distance away from the center of the screen, they will always appear perfectly placed alongside the content even if viewed in different screen resolutions and widths. Choosing 'Side of Screen' will place the icons alongside the outer edge of the screen. In this scenario, the icons will float at the edge of the screen and may appear closer or further away from the content area depending on what resolution or screen width the website is viewed in.

Placement of Icons (Bottom/Top): This determines whether the display of the icons originates from the top of the webpage or the bottom.

Background Settings

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Display a Backdrop (Yes/No): Enabling this feature allows the display of a shaded rectangular 'Backdrop' upon which the buttons will appear.

Backdrop Color: Place the HEX value for the color you wish to use for the backdrop here.

Backdrop Height: The size in pixels to use for the Backdrop height.

Backdrop Width: The size in pixels to use for the Backdrop width.

Border Style (None/Dotted/Dashed/Solid/Double/Groove/Ridge/Inset/Outset): Choose the style of border you wish to use for the backdrop.

Border Width (1-9): Choose the width in pixels you would like the border to appear.

Backdrop Style CSS: Place any custom CSS Style for the backdrop here.

Social Media Site Settings

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Choose Icon: Select the Social Site you wish to display a link to.

URL: Place the fully qualified url here to your social profile page (must include the 'http://'). Any url left blank will not be displayed.

Hover Text: Explicit hover text for this URL. This will over-ride the global setting.

(If you select Google +1 make sure to place your Google +1 ID in the url field.)

Support the Author

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Support the Author: Display a backlink to the author's website.


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